Victoria Escalle

Food Stylist


Victoria has over a decade of experience in commercial visual arts, working professionally as a food stylist for the past 5 years and previously as a prop stylist and manager of a photography studio. Always creative and positive, Victoria brings a wealth of industry know-how, a keen aesthetic and a talent for cooking to the set. Her work is simple but captures both the subtle textures and powerful colors of food. Often playful, her favorite projects juxtapose shapes, flavors and culinary conventions. Victoria sees food styling as an exploration of the senses: How can she translate a three dimensional experience—a dish with texture, taste and aroma—into two dimensions? What are the essential elements and how may they be highlighted and recombined in an image?
Her work may be seen in major magazines including Details, Wallpaper and Men’s Health and in ad-campaigns for Birdseye, Sbarro and Ortega, among many others.
Victoria is originally from the Pacific Northwest and received a B.A. in Art History from the University of Oregon.




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